Tuesday, February 20, 2018

OSFI’s new mortgage rules will decrease home affordability

  OFSI’s (Canada’s banking regulator) has published final guidelines for its mortgage qualification rule. It will impose tighter standards on the uninsured market. Lenders will be required to “stress test” all uninsured mortgage loans at the greater of the Bank of Canada’s five-year (5) posted rate or 200 basis points (2 percentage points) higher than […]

How much you need to earn to sustain a home in Toronto

  Looking at the Toronto housing market through an analytical lens of percentages, changing sales numbers and interest rates may be the go-to method for industry insiders, but for many average customers, there’s really one thing that are important: “What can I afford?” To help answer that question, let’s calculate what degree of salary you […]

Major changes to Canada’s housing and mortgage lending rules

  In toronto real estate, the Liberal government has announced sweeping changes aimed at ensuring Canadians aren’t taking on bigger mortgages than they can afford in an era of historically low interest rates. The changes are also meant to address concerns related to foreign buyers who buy and flip Canadian homes. Below is a breakdown […]

10 Tips For Using Credit Cards for Shopping Safely Online

    When shopping online, shopping safely online can be a challenge, especially if you stray from the larger e-tailers to get a better deal from a lesser known site. Here are 10 tips to help you gain some peace of mind while shopping online.   1. Check the seller’s customer satisfaction ratings. Other people’s […]

Identity Theft – 15 Signs Your Identity Was Stolen

  A thief could be feeding off of your identity for years before you find out—and when you find out, it’s only when you apply for a loan or to rent an apartment and get rejected on the grounds of bad credit—which the thief has tanked. Another way people find out by accident that their […]

Pothole menace angers motorists, creates business for repair shops

  MONTREAL – An annoying sign of spring — the dreaded pothole — is testing the patience of Canadian drivers this year while also creating a financial bonanza for auto repair shops. Extreme fluctuations in early spring temperatures along with lots of rain have unearthed a high number of potholes that are exposing motorists to […]

12 Tips for Buying a Car With Bad Credit

  Your credit history plays a major role in getting approved for a car loan. Unfortunately, buying a car with bad credit is tough, even if you have the income and a stable job history. A history of late payments, high debt, bankruptcy, or repossession is a sign to the lender that you’e at risk […]

How to use your RRSP to invest in real estate

  As the Canadian real estate market continues to rise, some investors want to put their RRSP money to work in a real estate investment. While there are limitations, there are also several options available to investors. Unfortunately, those looking to buy a rental property with their RRSPs are out of luck. Tax-free RRSP withdrawals […]

RRSPs are about much more than just retirement

  While the word “retirement” makes up one of the four letters in the RRSP acronym, many investors just starting out may not realize that an RRSP can be useful for many things other than post-work income. RRSPs can be used, for example, (1) to generate an emergency source of income after unexpected job loss; […]

8 Behaviors That Predict a Divorce Is In Your Future

Thinking about getting married? Already married? These are 8 predictors of divorce you should think about. Can we, without a doubt, say that a couple will divorce before they walk down the isle? In most cases no, although in some cases you can see a train wreck as it’s coming. How do you know if […]

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