Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Toronto home sellers and buyers are into waiting game in August, 2017

  The real estate market is stalled and buyers and sellers are waiting to see what will happen when it comes back in September. “They’re not sure whether the market slowed down for the summer for normal, seasonal market reasons or whether we’re on a downward slope,” tells Mr. Kholodov, an agent. For now, it […]

Toronto’s deflating run away housing prices, in one chart

  Home sales in Canada’s largest metropolis slowed down for the third largest month in a row, according to numbers released from the Toronto Real Estate Board. That came as new listings rose nearly 16 per cent, and as active listings surged over the year before. The average house price still increased 6.3 per cent […]

Toronto’s housing market declines in May, 2017

  After a long period of extraordinary home sales and housing price growing, the Toronto Real Estate Board( TREB) reported that the Greater Toronto Area’s housing market posted the first decline in May, 2017 for a market that’s been hot for at the least the last two years. But will this be a one-month blip, […]

Toronto area home sales sink in May, 2017 after cooling actions

  House sales fell 26 per cent in the Toronto region in May, 2017 after the Ontario government’s introduction of a foreign-buyer’s tax as many potential purchasers stepped back and waited to assess the market impact. In the 30 days after the province of Ontario announced the immediate introduction of a 15 -per-cent foreign-buyer’s tax on April 20, […]

Growth for more New Condos in 2016 and 2017 in Bloor-Yorkville

  Once a refuge of hippies, artists, and folk singers, Yorkvillle has transformed over the last forty years to become one of the city’s toniest neighbourhoods, home to the country’s most expensive commercial real estate, along with some of the city’s best restaurants and hotels, and at its northern periphery, to some of the most […]

Growth to New Condo units in 2016 and 2017 in Downtown Toronto North

  In this edition of our Growth to Watch For series, we will take a tour of Downtown North, a relatively small, yet rapidly intensifying area of Toronto defined by the University, Bay, and Yonge Street corridors from Charles to Gerrard. Neither as jam-packed with tourists and day-trippers as the Downtown Financial Core to the south, nor […]

Map Explains How Condo Prices Change Along Subway Lines

  If you’re in the market for a new Condo, but don’t want to live far from the Subway lines, Toronto Star has created a map that indicates the average price of condos nearest TTC subways stops. The map shows the average price per square feet you get for buying a Condo in Toronto. According […]

What an average priced Toronto house looked like in March, 2017

  The average price for a detached house in Toronto is $1,561,780, at least according to the latest Toronto Real Estate Board’s latest report. For that much money, you should be able to get a whole lot of house, right? Not always. While you won’t be able to buy a mansion for $1.5 million, you […]

Surging sale of $1-million-plus Toronto homes urging calls for new measures

  Sales of single-family detached homes commanding prices of at the least$ 1-million have almost doubled in 2017 in the Greater Toronto Area, as economists elevate the spectre of a real estate bubble. The GTA produced 2,876 sale of detached properties of $ 1-million or more in January and February in 2017, compared with 1,548 […]

More housing are needed, just not a tax on foreign home buyers

  Housing prices in Toronto went through the roof long before governments started toying with a levy on foreign property buyers. While attractive for politicians, whose first have responded to any problem is to tax it, the above issues has been decades in the making, matching a chronic absence of housing supply to ever-increasing demand, […]

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