Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Spring vegetables – how to cook them, what to look for, and when to enjoy them

    You don’t have to get too fancy with spring produce. After a long winter of brassicas and root vegetables, it’s often enough to simply embrace the crunch and fresh flavours of farmers’ market and produce aisle finds. Here’s a look at six spring vegetables, and some easy ways to prepare them.   ARTICHOKES […]

10 Untrendy Superfoods Every Kitchen Needs

    Seriously, superfoods don’t have to be exotic roots or berries that cost a small fortune at the trendiest health food stores. There are plenty of untrendy superfoods waiting for you on the shelves of any supermarket. These ten foods are not weird nor unknown, but they often go under-appreciated. Flip through the slideshow and take a look. […]

Piano Piano – Victor Barry’s new Italian restaurant in Toronto

  Name: Piano Piano Neighbourhood: University Contact: 88 Harbord St., 416-929-7788,  pianopianotherestaurant.com,  @pianopianotherestaurant Previously: Splendido Owner and executive chef: Victor Barry Chefs: Jeff Lapointe (Splendido, Ufficio), Allison Grundman (Splendido)   The food The Canadian-Italian dinner menu features old-school favourites (rigatoni, veal parm, wood-fired pizza) all made from scratch. There are also gluten- and dairy-free menus, and […]

Easing Arthritis With Ginger

Ginger is an herb sometimes used in treatment of arthritis. Proponents suggest that consuming ginger as a food, drinking ginger tea, and/or taking ginger supplements can help soothe arthritis symptoms and lessen arthritis-related pain. Why Do People Sometimes Use Ginger for Arthritis Relief? Because there is no cure for arthritis—and because standard care for arthritis often involves […]

6 Foods You Should Eat to Live Longer

  Research suggests that what you eat can be one of the most important factors to living a long, healthy life. Along with exercise, your diet can be extremely effective at preventing chronic disease and promoting health and longevity. Eating a significant portion of these 6 nutrient-dense foods every day can help you naturally strengthen […]

5 immune-boosting foods to keep you healthy

  We are all busy, and none of want that virus that’s going around. (And there’s always something going around). Beyond hand-washing, getting a good sleep, and staying active, are there any short-cuts to good health? What are the top five things that we can add in to our diet to boost our health, immunity […]

2016 Toronto food trends – from “the new quinoa” to sriracha’s cousin

  Without a crystal ball at the kitchen table, predicting what foodies will be clamouring for in the future is never a simple task. The Star has boiled down the buffet of food trend forecasts to declare these eight ingredients the ones to eat in 2016. Pull out your grocery app and get ahead of […]

Traditional Christmas Dinner Menu

As turkey is traditional for Thanksgiving, so ham is traditional for Christmas dinner menus. This menu features Baked Ham and Scalloped Potatoes, two easy recipes that are delicious. The ham you find in your supermarket is almost always fully cooked and ready to serve immediately. Most people prefer to heat the ham, and a glaze […]

13 Ways You Can Eat for Free

Tired of paying for food? Then, don’t. Here are 10 ways to put free food on the table, including restaurant meals. 2 of 14   Mystery Shop Free Restaurant Meal. Photo Credit: Diana Jarvis/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images Become a mystery shopper, and enjoy free (or even profitable) meals out on the town. Restaurants want to know […]

Tasty Swaps to Help You Eat Less Red and Processed Meats

  By now you’ve probably heard about the report last week categorizing hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats as a cause of colorectal cancer, and probably red meats also. In general, that supports AICR’s longstanding and continuous analysis of the research. Since 2007, AICR has recommended to avoid processed meat and eat no more […]

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