Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Toronto suburb Durham region house prices ‘not sustainable’

  In toronto real estate, housing prices in Durham Region are on the rise. And just like those other parts of the country, some are saying the growing prices are not sustainable. According to a news release from the Durham Region Association of Realtors, average selling prices in Durham Region were up 15.8 per cent […]

Zero down on a $2 million house – no problem in Silicon Valley’s real estate market in California

  It turns out that even the well-off need help in a housing market as crazy as the one in the San Francisco Bay area, and lenders are elbowing each other in a rush to provide it. They’re courting Silicon Valley workers with tailored loans, guaranteed 24-hour approval and financial-planning services. Social Finance Inc. has […]

Ontario may consider Vancouver-style tax on Greater Toronto Area homes

  In toronto real estate, with concerns rising that a new housing tax in Vancouver could further drive up prices in the Greater Toronto Area’s already hot real estate market, Ontario’s finance minister isn’t ruling out a similar tax here. “Our government understands the importance of concerns related to housing affordability and ensuring a stable […]

Toronto housing market is spooked by Vancouver real estate tax

  In toronto real estate, Toronto’s red-hot real estate market could get even hotter as foreign nationals looking to dodge a new 15 per cent tax on properties in Vancouver seek new places to invest, realtors say. The Vancouver real estate tax, which takes effect Tuesday, was introduced by the British Columbia government with the […]

Renters are causing demand in new Toronto highrise construction

  In Toronto real estate, a study by real estate consultant Urbanation and obtained by CBC News shows much of Toronto’s high rise construction in 2016 is being fuelled by demand from renters who are either unable or unwilling to pay record prices for real estate. It’s a significant change from the previous decade’s boom, which was spurred primarily by […]

10 Tips For Using Credit Cards for Shopping Safely Online

    When shopping online, shopping safely online can be a challenge, especially if you stray from the larger e-tailers to get a better deal from a lesser known site. Here are 10 tips to help you gain some peace of mind while shopping online.   1. Check the seller’s customer satisfaction ratings. Other people’s […]

When real estate bubble bursts in Toronto, Vancouver, it will affect the rest of Canada

  Buoyed by red-hot markets in Vancouver and Toronto, the country’s overall housing market may appear to be on fire but in reality real estate is slumping in Quebec City, Halifax, Calgary and Edmonton, where houses prices are down. “The reason is their economies are incredibly flat and you will see housing really start to […]

Canada’s banks sound the housing bubble alarm, finally

  After years of pumping money into the country’s frothiest housing markets, Canada’s big banks are suddenly—and alarmingly—nervous about the debt-fuelled monster they’ve helped to create. In the span of a few days this week and last, several big-bank CEOs and chief economists let loose a flurry of warnings about surging home prices in Vancouver […]

Toronto market is in a bubble, an expanding bubble, and it is likely to end in tears

  The Canadian and Toronto housing market just keeps getting hotter. Home prices in the Greater Vancouver area have surged 30% year over year in May, up from 15% at the end of 2015, according to the bank’s June 2016 Financial System Review. Meanwhile, prices in the Greater Toronto area are growing by 15% YoY, […]

Many builders call the GTA home – BILD

Most of the companies building homes and developing land in the GTA are businesses that are locally owned and operated. They are based here and have their head offices here. The owners not only invest in the GTA and employ people who live, work and play here, but they themselves live here and call this […]

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