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Month: March 2018 Real estate prices are falling in Toronto, is there a crash in the way

  Post Title: Real estate prices are falling around Toronto, is there a crash in the way   Max Seal’s Comments: The title of this post says it all. In March, 2018, the media reporters are competing for catchy “going-down-the-hole” negative headlines to describe crashing of Toronto housing prices. Just 1 year ago back in March, 2017, the same media reporters were suggesting that thousands of buyers may not be able to buy a house in their lifetime unless they entered the housing market in the Toronto area right away when house prices were galloping. Some people outside the larger

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Month: March 2018 Toronto home sales decline in January, 2018, may point to return to a normal market

  The prices appear relatively flat and the house sales were down about 40 per cent over the last two weeks in February, 2018, in the Toronto area compared to the same period in 2017, while condo sales dropped about 30 per cent, said Pasalis, real estate broker.   The real estate market has been affected by a series of policies like, (1) Ontario’s Fair Housing Policy, (2) a foreign buyers’ tax aimed at cooling the market, (3) a new mortgage stress test targeted at protecting Canadian banks from dangerously high household debt levels, and (4) the Bank of Canada’s

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