Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Metformin can lessen risk of heart ailments in diabetics

  Washington D.C. [US]: A recent research has found that if Metformin, a drug commonly prescribed for Type 2 diabetes, is taken by a Type 1 diabetic patient on a routine basis then it could slow the development of the disease and delay heart disease. In toronto health, Metformin is an inexpensive treatment often used […]

Diabetes drug Metformin could help prevent heart disease

  Heart disease is the leading cause of illness in diabetic patients, accounting for more than half of all fatalities. In toronto health, Metformin is an inexpensive treatment that is often used for Type 2 diabetes to lower blood sugar levels by reducing glucose production in the liver. The drug may also be used to […]

Toronto Sellers check brokerage contract clauses before making a private deal

  Question: I listed my home with a brokerage, but I have found a buyer on my own. Can I sell my home privately — without the salesperson?   Answer: In toronto real estate, before listing your home, you would have signed a listing agreement with the brokerage that employs your salesperson. The listing agreement […]

Toronto urban trees can improve health and land values

  In toronto real estate, where would you rather be? In a city full of parks and tree-lined streets? Or in a city of concrete and glass? You probably don’t need a study to know. But many recent studies are proving what we already know: that green urban landscapes give a psychological boost, making us […]

Toronto asks excessive fees from homeowners who apply to build legal apartment

  In toronto real estate, in the face of a serious housing shortage in the GTA, the City of Toronto is actively discouraging homeowners from legally adding one or two units to their houses by making it financially unfeasible. Last week I received an email from Ben, who explained his dilemma. He wrote, “I bought […]

Bank Governor Poloz Describes Toronto’s Real Estate Market Like A House of Cards

  In toronto real estate, Bank of Canada governor is urging the Toronto city council to prepare for the changes in the housing market. For the past two decades, the natives of Toronto didn’t find it difficult to acquire mortgages and those who got these approvals have been buying into an ever more inflated housing […]

GTA Has Low-Rise Homes For Sale More Than in 2015 – BILD

  In toronto real estate, the days when you could actually find a beautiful low-rise house in Toronto is over. Only a few Torontonians can now afford to buy houses and also few of them purchased low-rise homes in April, 2016. The Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) simply described it in these words: […]

Buying a home in the GTA requires a six-figure income

  In toronto real estate, it takes a six-figure household income to afford a home in the Greater Toronto Area. The exceptions are a couple of pockets of Durham where, if you’re earning a little less than $100,000 a year, you can still find a starter nest. A study being published Friday by real estate […]

Canadian home prices rise 10.9% in July, 2016, aided by Toronto, Vancouver

  In toronto real estate, Canadian home prices climbed in July, 2016, driven by higher gains in some of the country’s hottest markets, including Toronto and Vancouver, a home price index showed on Friday. Prices rose 2.0 percent last month from June, 2016, according to the Teranet-National Bank Composite House Price Index, and were up […]

Stop Worrying Using This Simple Brain Hack

  In toronto health, excessive worry continues to be on the rise, even impacting teens more than ever, and can have devastating consequences. Worry and stress can contribute to sleep problems, which can have serious ramifications, physical problems and of course mental health issues, including full blown anxiety disorders. There are a number of tips to […]

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