Tuesday, February 20, 2018

6 Interesting Facts To Know About Toronto’s Real Estate Market

© Provided by Fool office-building_16-9   Toronto’s real estate market continues to defy gravity. May was another record-setting month with 12,870 home sales reported by Toronto-area realtors. Prices inside the city of Toronto hit an average of $782,051, an increase of 8.95% compared with the same month in 2015. The rest of the Greater Toronto […]

Consider to sell your home faster? Use keywords

  Selling your home? Then you’re probably scouring the internet looking for tips on how to attract buyers to your home. The good news is there’s plenty of fodder out there to get your creative selling juices flowing. The Canadian Real Estate Association also offers some sage advice: use keywords. In the recent release of their […]

Learn from the anatomy of a housing bubble

  Every 20 years or so, investor dementia sets in. Memories are wiped clean, allowing individuals to make the same mistakes over and over again. It doesn’t matter if it is real estate markets, stock markets, commodity markets, or tulip markets (I’ll get to this later). They are all the same. Why? Because markets are a reflection […]

Why you need to avoid ‘white box’ auto parts

  How can some people seem to get unbelievable deals on car repairs when you couldn’t catch a break on brakes with a trawling net? The answer in many cases is found in a white box and it comes with more risks than Pandora ever thought of putting in her carton. “White box” is a […]

Toronto home buyers change tactics facing bidding war

  Aspiring buyers in Toronto’s real estate market in May were contending with prices about 15 per cent higher than they were last year at this time. No wonder bidding war fatigue is beginning to permeate the market. Some agents and buyers are wilting, Mr. Silver says. “Multiple offers seem to be lessening – not due […]

Summer slowdown is not expected in Toronto’s heated real estate market

  Toronto-area homeowners who are thinking of selling their properties may not need to wait for the traditional fall market. “I think it’s going to be busy all through the summer,” Mr Rocca says. Mr. Rocca says activity is cooling a little as the end of the school year approaches but the buyers are still roaming. […]

Goodbye Freedom 55 – More Canadians keep working well after age 65

  At 76, thoroughbred horse trainer Roger Attfield has no interest in retiring. “There’s an old saying that racehorse trainers don’t retire, they just die,” said Attfield with a laugh. For almost five decades, Attfield has been starting his day at 5:30 a.m., often working seven days a week training horses at Toronto’s Woodbine Racetrack. In […]

When real estate bubble bursts in Toronto, Vancouver, it will affect the rest of Canada

  Buoyed by red-hot markets in Vancouver and Toronto, the country’s overall housing market may appear to be on fire but in reality real estate is slumping in Quebec City, Halifax, Calgary and Edmonton, where houses prices are down. “The reason is their economies are incredibly flat and you will see housing really start to […]

8 Best Ways to Relieve Bloating

  Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint what’s causing that awful bloated feeling. Did you eat too much? Is it excess gas? Are you retaining water? If you’re a woman, is it because you are premenstrual? The good news is that there are some common steps you can take to address the problem of bloating, regardless […]

Canada’s banks sound the housing bubble alarm, finally

  After years of pumping money into the country’s frothiest housing markets, Canada’s big banks are suddenly—and alarmingly—nervous about the debt-fuelled monster they’ve helped to create. In the span of a few days this week and last, several big-bank CEOs and chief economists let loose a flurry of warnings about surging home prices in Vancouver […]

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