Tuesday, February 20, 2018

10 Uses for Dish Soap

  Dish soap can be used for so many more chores than just dishes.  Dish soap is actually one of the most versatile cleaners in your arsenal.  Find out all the varied places that dish soap can help around the house. 1.  Mopping A mild dish soap is a surprisingly good floor cleaner.  All that […]

Identity Theft – 15 Signs Your Identity Was Stolen

  A thief could be feeding off of your identity for years before you find out—and when you find out, it’s only when you apply for a loan or to rent an apartment and get rejected on the grounds of bad credit—which the thief has tanked. Another way people find out by accident that their […]

My Computer Has Been Hacked! What To Do Now

   10 Things You Need to Do After Being Hacked You opened an e-mail attachment that you probably shouldn’t have and now your computer has slowed to a crawl and other strange things are happening. Your bank called you saying there has been some strange activity on your account and your ISP has just “null […]

10 Signs Your Computer Might Have a Malware Infection

  Our computer is like a member of our family, when it doesn’t “feel good” or something is wrong with it, we can usually tell. We might not know exactly what is bothering it, but we have a feeling that something is wrong and we want to do everything we can to make them all […]

Diabetes – Where You Live Affects Your Diabetes Risk

  Across the United States, living in close proximity to healthy food options and fresh markets is linked to lower rates of diabetes, according to a new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists.   In regions with above-average population of people of color, the effect was especially significant given that type 2 diabetes has […]

Cocoa May Help Patients with Diabetes, Heart Failure

  Chocolate bars are not normally something one thinks diabetes and heart failure patients should eat, but researchers are now saying patients have shown improvement after consuming a dark chocolate bar and a beverage enhanced with epicatechin, a flavonoid found in dark chocolate, every day for three months.   According to UPI, the test subjects’ […]

Real estate markets near Toronto, Vancouver seeing outsize growth in prices

  New Housing in Toronto continues to be a seven-figure proposition (over $1 million dollars) for even an average home, sending more and more people into satellite cities in search of better deals. The Building Industry and Land Development Association said Thursday that the average new detached home in the Greater Toronto Area reached $1.049 […]

Average new detached home price surpasses $1million in GTA

  A new detached home in the Greater Toronto Area will cost you over $1 million dollars, the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) said Thursday. According to BILD, it’s the first time the average GTA-wide price has passed the $1-million mark. As of March 31, the average price hit $1,045,659. In just 12 […]

Spring vegetables – how to cook them, what to look for, and when to enjoy them

    You don’t have to get too fancy with spring produce. After a long winter of brassicas and root vegetables, it’s often enough to simply embrace the crunch and fresh flavours of farmers’ market and produce aisle finds. Here’s a look at six spring vegetables, and some easy ways to prepare them.   ARTICHOKES […]

96 Castlewood Road, Toronto – $2-million Lytton Park home that proves the teardown business is alive and well

  LISTED AT  $2,049,000   SOLD FOR  $2,025,000   Address: 96 Castlewood Road Neighbourhood: Lytton Park   The property: This home, built from the ground up just over a year ago, has a custom-built kitchen, oak finishes and a basement with a walk-out to the backyard.   The history: After buying the property for $1,085,000 […]

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