Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Heart Attack Symptoms

  1 of 9  Chest Pain Chest pain is very common, but isn’t the only symptom of heart attack. Photo Credit: Colin Hawkins/Getty Images Heart attack symptoms typically follow a classic pattern. This list includes several common signs and symptoms of heart attacks. The patient does not need to have every item on the list […]

7 best kitchen improvements under $500

  When it comes to upgrading the kitchen, there seems to be no shortage of things on our wish list. And between mentally updating the refrigerator, the countertops or flooring, our imaginary budget is already blown. Rest assured that even a modest budget of $500 could be used to instantly improve the look of your […]

No Weight Workout Program

  Whether you’re on the road, at home or in a rush, this full body strength training workout can be done anytime, anywhere.  You’ll work all your muscle groups including the chest, shoulders, arms, abs and lower body with plenty of tips for how to add or change the intensity of each exercise.  Perform this […]

Toronto could become first Canadian Bee City

  With approval from city council and a successful application to Bee City Canada, Toronto could officially become the first Canadian Bee City by the end of March, 2016. It’s all about increasing the city’s work in protecting pollinators and growing the population, said Michelle Berardinetti, the councillor who’s got everyone buzzing about the idea. […]

Visit Toronto’s Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat

The Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat (HBBH) is an exciting and unique public green space in Toronto. Located in Humber Bay Park East, the HBBH is a restored outdoor area which has been designed to attract butterflies by offering nectar plants, host plants, boulders for sunning, wind shelters, water access, hibernacula (places for hibernating) and other […]

Easing Arthritis With Ginger

Ginger is an herb sometimes used in treatment of arthritis. Proponents suggest that consuming ginger as a food, drinking ginger tea, and/or taking ginger supplements can help soothe arthritis symptoms and lessen arthritis-related pain. Why Do People Sometimes Use Ginger for Arthritis Relief? Because there is no cure for arthritis—and because standard care for arthritis often involves […]

9 Surprising Household Cleaners

  You’ve got a cleaning job to do, and you know just the brand name cleaner to use.  But what if the right tool for the job is lurking in the most unexpected places?  Could you really find great cleaners in your refrigerator, pantry, or medicine cabinet?  These 9 surprising household cleaners, really clean up. […]

6 Foods You Should Eat to Live Longer

  Research suggests that what you eat can be one of the most important factors to living a long, healthy life. Along with exercise, your diet can be extremely effective at preventing chronic disease and promoting health and longevity. Eating a significant portion of these 6 nutrient-dense foods every day can help you naturally strengthen […]

330 Richmond St West, Toronto – New Condo Investment

You are invited to a First Release VIP Condo Event on Saturday February 27th, 2016 for: City Suites By Greenpark.  One Day Only.  Suites starting from $287,900*.  A 5 Star Luxury Condo right in the heart of Downtown Toronto. * Representations and information contained herein do not form part of any Agreement of Purchase and […]

9 Best Bodyweight Exercises For Bad Knees

  Knee pain is a common complaint that affects people of all ages. Whether due to injury, caused by carrying excess body fat, or brought on by medical conditions such as arthritis or osteoporosis, knee pain can sideline you from regular activity and make you feel limited in your daily exercise. But you don’t have to […]

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