Tuesday, February 20, 2018

No more Alzheimer’s Metformin, diabetes drug, could let you live more than 120 years in good health

  Metformin, the world’s first anti-aging drug will be tested on humans next year in trials that could result in people being able to live healthily well into their 120s. Scientists now believe it is possible to stop people growing old as quickly and consign diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s to history. Although it […]

Heat pump myths busted

  Ted White teaches engineering technology at the New Brunswick Community College and knows a lot about heat pumps. White read those comments and came up with six heat pump myths that needed to be busted. Myth No. 1: Anybody Can Install One Many people can. But, says White, it’s all about the warranty. “The first thing we looked at was […]

Ontario medical marijuana exemption under review just 1day after it was announced

  Ontario’s Liberal government says it will re-examine its recent move to allow medical marijuana users to smoke and vape the drug anywhere in the province, just one day after announcing the change. “We’ve heard the concerns around this regulation, and we’re going to take this feedback and see if this regulation is the best way to […]

Diabetes Experts advise healthy eating and physical activity on World Diabetes Day

  Health experts say eating healthily and increasing exercise can dramatically reduce diabetes risk.   There are two main forms of diabetes: type 1, in which the body is unable to produce the hormone insulin, and type 2, in which the body is unable to use insulin effectively. Type 2 is the most common form, accounting […]

Buyers can cancel property sale over Sellers’ misleading information

  Is a seller required to be truthful in disclosing to a buyer that a house was built on potentially toxic landfill? That was the issue in a case decided last month in eastern Ontario. For many years, Christian Ménard and Lillian Lalonde lived in a nice-looking, well-constructed bungalow on a manicured double lot outside […]

Spadina Rd. could be a Toronto gem

  Take Toronto’s stretch of Spadina Rd. from Bloor St. north to Davenport Rd. It could be one of the city’s grandest boulevards, compete with a castle at the end, but instead it’s a drab arterial, overbuilt with four lanes for traffic and sidewalks that are, like many in Toronto, all too narrow. This part […]

Best Fish for Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for brain and nervous system function, plus they’re good for your heart because they decrease the risk of arrhythmias, lower triglyceride levels and blood pressure, and they help keep plaque from clogging your arteries. The American Heart Association recommends eating fish at least two times each week. Fish are some of […]

Email Address Top 27 People Search Sites and Email Address Directories

Searching for people online? Looking for an email address? Look closer and find friends old and new as well as business contacts with these email address directories and people search engines. Here are your 27 best bets.   All email address directories How to find anybody’s email address   1.  Pipl People Search – Free […]

522 St Clair Ave W, Toronto – SOLD – New Condo Investment Opportunity

    You Are Invited To A VIP Condo Event For: The Investor Suites at Forest Hill ONE NIGHT ONLY Own For $10,399*  Incredible Deposit Match Program* Investors: Earn 18.7% Return Per Year* Suites Starting From The 300’s 7 PM  Wednesday November 25th 2015 To RSVP, please complete “Contact Max” form below and send email with your […]

5 Exercises For Better Balance

  Balance is divided into two types: static and dynamic. Static balance is the ability to maintain the body’s center of mass within its base of support. Dynamic is the ability to move outside of the body’s base of support, while maintaining posture control. Both are important, and both can be improved with exercises that […]

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