Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Divides Auto Parts Industry

  As the auto parts sector awaits the appointment of a new trade minister, the industry is split over the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the trade deal that Canada signed and will soon have to ratify. Although the TPP, agreed to in principle on Oct. 5, mandates that tariffs on autos and auto parts be reduced to […]

Title Insurance Limitations Buyers Need To Know

    It is important for home buyers to be aware of title insurance matters during transactions. It is helpful if real estate agents can point out issues that their clients need to investigate further. After all, the seller’s disclosures may affect their client’s title insurance coverage for future claims.   Here we clarify eight […]

House prices overvalued in 11 of Canada’s 15 biggest cities, CMHC says

  Canada’s national housing agency is warning of “problematic housing market conditions” in most of the country’s major housing markets. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation said in its Housing Market Assessment report on Thursday that many housing markets are showing troubling signs in four criteria: Overheated home sales. Too many homes being built. Prices increasing too quickly. High prices. […]

Ballots and Baseball Complicated Toronto Fall Real Estate Market

  In Toronto’s capricious fall real estate market, agents have been trying to predict the moves of buyers while also reining in the unbounded optimism of some sellers. This week, with the added suspense surrounding voting night in the federal election and tension-filled Blue Jays baseball games, choosing a deadline for offers – or deciding […]

Home Staging Enlarge your Interiors with Mirrors

  Give the Illusion of Space with Wall Mirrors Strategically placed mirrors are some of the simplest home staging tricks to increase your small spaces visually. Bringing in light, breaking visual clutter, or expanding walls, mirrors can help you solve almost any design dilemma. And of course, they are great decorative pieces as well. If you […]

NSAIDs Linked to Heart Attack and Stroke

  Martin Barraud/OJO Images/Getty Images What are You Using for Pain Relief? Over the counter (OTC) and prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are being heavily researched for their links to increased risk of heart attack and severe gastrointestinal complications.  The feedback so far is not favorable for NSAID use and according to Clinical Medicine and […]

8 Ways to Cook Chicken

  8 Ways to Cook Chicken One of the most versatile foods on the planet, chicken can be roasted, baked, grilled, sautéed, braised or fried. Whether you’ve never cooked a chicken before, or you’re looking for a new twist on the same old bird, here’s the ultimate guide on how to cook chicken. Iain Bagwell/Photolibrary/Getty […]

Rise of Willowdale, Toronto’s Hottest New Neighborhood – Part 1

  Builders are always looking for bargains, so it caused quite a stir when a pleasant backsplit went on the market in North York’s Willowdale area earlier this month for what may have seemed like a crazy amount to anyone else — $1.1 million. All that counted to the dozens of interested builders who filed […]

Rise of Willowdale, Toronto’s Hottest New Neighborhood – Part 2

  “It’s pretty easy to understand why people are doing this — the economics are completely in line with the market when you consider that a detached house in the City of Toronto is worth over $1 million now. “It’s definitely changing the character of neighbourhoods and it’s certainly not good for affordability. But it’s […]

Yoga for Back Pain

  Yoga and the Problem Back: If you have a back problem, it’s best to get an okay from your doctor before trying yoga. Back pain is often the result of a biomechanical imbalance in spinal structures. Your doctor can advise you of: Any movements to avoid The most productive level of challenge Safety modifications […]

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